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Our Brand

An eponymous, luxury prêt-à-porter apparel brand, Israel Kasnett caters to the classy, sophisticated and regal woman who seeks elegant, modest, quality clothing.

Our brand aims to reintroduce class and reimagine the concept of modesty and luxury. Our collections are designed to fit that objective.

We maintain relatively exclusive for our clients who do not want what everybody is wearing. By not mass-producing our collections and producing only small quantities, our collections remain unique and ultimately make our clients truly special. And discretion is paramount; we never reveal information about our clients.

As proud Americans, we have a strong sense of nationalism and we value the "Made in USA" principle. While our fabrics are imported, we manufacture only in New York City.

We share our customer's concerns about sustainability, the environment, labor laws, safety and quality and we are committed to ensuring our business practices meet high standards.

Israel Kasnett, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of New York.